Welcome to the Companions of The Quaich, Calgary Chapter website.

This is a local chapter of the International Order of Companions of The Quaich. We are an eclectic group with a common aim – we like to enjoy whisky with like-minded individuals. The highest purpose of the club is to gain access to the best whisky experiences that the world has to offer.

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What we do

The club organizes several type of events for its members and their guests. Events are available for registration only to members in good standing, and are priced to be cost neutral overall. They occur at various venus. Registration and payment are required in advance.

  • Dinners, tastings and social events to explore, exprience and learn about amazing whiskies from all around the world.
  • Special cask purchases – occasionally the club will, itself or jointly with other chapters, arrange for purchase of special casks from distilleries. The casks are then bottled specially for the club and available to members through proper retail channels at very good prices.
  • Members also have the opportunity to participate in a very special Whisky Advent Calendar each year.

Membership Benefits

The “what we do” section above indicates many of the benefits of membership. Here are a few more details…

  • Members are able to experience many very exciting, high-end whiskies that most people would either not have the opportunity or not have the financial means to purchase… and can do so very inexpensively considering the products offered.
  • Events like the dinners offer chances to learn about how whisky and food combine… much like for wine and beer enthusiasts.
  • Masterclasses offer many insights into the Whisky as well as how and where it is made. They are often hosted by notable persons in the industry, includinng those with accents who spell things strangely.
  • The club is made up of a great bunch of people from all walks of life. It’s a great way to meet people, and many great friendships are made through the club.
  • There is really no better way to learn about whisky – which has more to learn than people could possibly imagine. The club has members who are renowned experts in the whisky industry as well as members who are incredible enthusiasts with extensive experience and knowledge. The events are hosted expertly and are always an education, and the members like little more in life than to share what they know about whisky. We also have members enthusiastically exploring this new world.
  • Members also have access to the private content in this website, which includes event information and registration, photos, discussion forums and other information.

Who‘s who

Our Planning Committee is…

  • Andrew Ferguson (President)
  • John Percy (Manager)
  • Elsa Kaus (Treasurer)
  • Eric Hicks (Membership & Futures)
  • Kent Crittenden (WebSite)